Write the best essay or plan the best eco-project and get a tour to Baikal!

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If you are a Business Leader Siberian Wellness - it's time to make your team! Find five like-minded people, develop and send a project to preserve the Nature until April 30, and we will help to bring your idea to life. If your rank is lower than the Business Leader, you can join the existing team and save nature with new friends!

TOP 20 ideas will come true

We will select the most creative projects and help make them a reality! All winning teams will get a 50% compensation of their projects expenses from The World Around You Foundation.

Participation for Media

Express your love to Baikal

If you're a journalist, blogger or a word-painter, write an essay on eco-topic and send us by May 31. Authors of the five top essays will go on eco-tour to Baikal together with Herb Hunters!


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Gather a team of friends and plan your eco-project anywhere in the world.

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Express your love, write an essay on the theme “Baikal, I love you!”

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